Rolling Stone Magazine Takes Aim At Trump With Hilarious October Cover Photo


Since taking office, Donald Trump has been engaged in a personal struggle with the media. He has frequently accused various outlets of attacking him and his administration. While no one likes seeing negative press coverage, most of Trump’s complaints regarding the media have centered around them reporting stories that he doesn’t like. It is rare for an outlet to directly attack him.

With that in mind, it’s a safe bet that Trump will not like the October cover of Rolling StoneThe artwork, created by Victor Juhasz, shows Trump atop a wall lined with tiki torches while holding a smartphone in his hand. It’s a great commentary on Trump’s policies and statements.

The wall itself is, of course, a commentary on Trump’s absurd promise to build a wall along the Mexican border in order to stop illegal immigration. That policy, as of right now, has gone nowhere, because even Republicans don’t want to spend the amount of money such a wall would cost to build. Furthermore, such a wall would not only be expensive, but it would do very little to actually reduce illegal immigration from Mexico, since the majority of illegal immigrants are people who came to the country on visas and simply did not leave.

Beyond the issue of cost and practicality, there is also the issue that the wall is merely a symptom of Trump’s racism regarding people from Latin America. He started his campaign by calling Mexican immigrants rapists and murderers, which is where the tiki torches come in. Such torches were used in a white supremacist rally in Virginia. In the aftermath of that rally, Trump refused to openly speak out against white supremacy and many felt that his actions and policies were emboldening such groups.

The smartphone is, of course, a reference to Trump’s habit of seemingly tweeting every random thought that enters his head. While that was fine when Trump was just a game show host, it is a bit more troubling when the President of the United States is tweeting policies and commentary on world affairs.

Featured image via Getty Images.