Reddit is Making Donald Trump/’Calvin & Hobbes’ Mash Ups, and it’s BRILLIANT


If there is one thing the internet is really good at, it’s mocking the crap out of everything — and it seems that Donald Trump and classic ‘Calvin and Hobbes‘ comics are the perfect pairing for comedic fodder.

The crazy antics of Calvin, a precocious and mischievous 6-year-old elementary school child, seem to perfectly align with those of the Republican party’s 69-year-old wildly petulant and divisive former realty television star front-runner. The mash ups are so popular and perfect, that there is now an entire subreddit devoted to “Donald And Hobbes” comics.

The animated and exaggerated faces of Trump really take these to a whole new level, and provide everything needed to perfectly place the candidate inside the comic’s world.

As AV Club noted, it is also near impossible to tell the difference between Bill Watterson’s bratty character’s rants and the Republican party’s bratty candidate’s tirades. One perfect example of that is the fact that both characters believe “happiness is being famous for your financial ability to indulge in every kind of excess.” Trump seems to have perfectly created the life that young Calvin dreamed of.

Greed, selfishness and excess seem to be continuous themes with the two, instead of being content with what you have or trying to help others:

donald and hobbes 7

As well as gleefully finding loopholes to write their own garbled interpretations of the Constitution, something which Trump is seemingly called out for weekly:

Both have little grace or poise while expressing their rage about editorials that don’t praise them or say exactly what they want to hear:

donald and hobbes 2

Both suggest that creating a fake war of values to get donations for your campaign is the way to go, which perfectly nails what we have most definitely seen in the demagoguery coming from the Trump camp:

donald and hobbes 6

They definitely have the same debate strategies, which have nothing to do with having good ideas:

No matter how much people call them out on being conceited blowhards, they are still both convinced that they are the greatest:

Calvin and Hobbes was a daily American comic strip which ran from November 18, 1985 to December 31, 1995 — yet remains popular even to this day. At the height of its popularity, the comics were featured in over 2,400 newspapers worldwide.

As of 2010, reruns of the comics still ran in newspapers in more than 50 countries and 45 million copies of a book compiling them have been sold.

While these redditors comics perfectly nail the shallow candidate, there are certainly some differences between Trump and Calvin. Perhaps the most notable difference between the two is the fact that the young boy had some good traits — something the real estate mogul clearly lacks.

There is also that fact that Calvin is a child, and is appropriately behaving as such — while Trump is full grown man.

The 20th anniversary of the final comic strip is approaching, who knew that it would still be so relevant two decades later?

Featured image via Imgur