Conservatives Jump To Justify Planned Parenthood Shooting Because ‘Abortion Is Murder’


Yet another Planned Parenthood in yet another state became victim of violence after a shooter opened fire on civilians and police officers alike outside its doors in Colorado Springs.┬áBut before the police had even secured the area, conservatives were out in force on social media to defend the shooter’s actions by suggesting that Planned Parenthood “deserved” it because of their stance on abortion. And while almost nothing is known about the shooter, anti-abortion activists are already aggressively justifying his actions by equating legal abortion with murder.

Kody Fisher, an employee of Colorado Springs FOX-affiliate FOX21 has been on the scene of the shooting since the very beginning. Unfortunately, his tweets soon became fodder for the “pro-life” (and let’s take a moment to consider the irony in that title) accounts endorsing the mayhem because of abortion.


Bipartisan Report’s own Cassandra Fairbanks was met with similar hostility when she tweeted about the incident.


The comment sections of right-wing media organizations were equally swamped with indifference to the victims and vile hate slung at Planned Parenthood and “liberals.” Here’s Breitbart readers giving their sharp take on the situation:


And Twitchy’s even sharper takes:


Although, some went a step further and declared this to already be a “false flag” operation orchestrated by liberals.


This is merely the opening salvo. If the coming days reveal that this cowardly shooter was indeed a right-wing terrorist inspired by the violent and hateful rhetoric shoveled out daily by the Republican Party in its quest to prevent women from being able to receive their constitutionally-protected right to receive an abortion, the toxic narrative will further sour. If the massacre of 20 children in Newtown proved that no tragedy is too great to shake the conservative movement’s obsession with guns, then the attacks on Planned Parenthood will only embolden the right to further entrench themselves in anti-abortion fanaticism.

That’s the world we’re living in. And it’s terrifying.

Feature image via Twitter